An upgrade can give your old Mac new life. Mac Home Support offers the best prices on full-service upgrades in Cincinnati!

Why spend all that money on a new computer when an inexpensive upgrade can give new life to the Mac you already own? Call Mac Home Support to see just how affordable it is to upgrade your ram, hard drive or operating system.

Memory Sales and Installation - Upgrading the amount of ram in your Mac can result in a dramatic speed boost. Every program that you run needs ram to operate. If there is not enough ram, then everything slows to a crawl. This is why it's important to give your programs all the ram that they need to operate efficiently. Mac Home Support will determine how much ram your computer can hold and install it for you.

Hard Drive Sales, installation and Data Transfer - Hard drives are filling up faster than ever now that people are using them to store their music, pictures and movies. Mac Home Support can install a larger hard drive in your Mac and transfer all of your current data to it. All of your files and programs will be exactly the way they were on your previous drive—except you'll have much more storage space!

Software Sales, Installation and Data Backup - Mac Home Support can install the latest Operating System for you and ensure that everything works as it should. We can also set you up with a data backup system by using Time Machine which is built into the Mac’s Operating System. Need other software installed? No problem. Mac Home Support can install and configure many other popular software titles. Just give us a call to check on availability.

Peripheral Sales and Installation - Are you looking for a printer, scanner, wireless network system, or other peripheral? There are a dizzying array of choices out there and sometimes it can be difficult to understand which product will best suit your needs and budget. Even if you do find something that you like, is it compatible with your current Mac and will you be able configure and install it? Relax and let us do the work. Mac Home Support can help you decide what you need, deliver and install it for you.

Other Services:
Mac Home Support offers so much more than upgrades. Please click here for a complete list.